• The Carbon Manager,
    more than a CO2-footprint tool

    With the Carbon Manager you can periodically create and monitor your CO2-footprint. But it can do more. It helps you with collecting data and maintaining data quality. Compare and analyse the CO2 performance of organisation units or projects, and track the progress of a CO2 reduction plan and target. Add documents as evidence and store all your information in one place.

    The Carbon Manager saves you time and assures the quality of your CO2-footprint.

  • Save time collecting data

    Invite others (inside or outside of your organisation) and collect your data with user friendly webforms.

    The dashboard shows the progress of your data collection. View who entered data and at which time, and verify it is complete. Retain an overview of the process and save time.

  • Monitoring tailored for your organisation

    Tailor the Carbon Manager to fit your organisation. Data can be collected on any level: countries, offices, departments and also individual projects. You determine the structure.

    Additionally, document information regarding your policy and reduction target. Your CO2-footprint will be placed against this target so your progress is easy to monitor.

  • Gain insight into your reduction options

    Use the analyse and benchmark functionality of the Carbon Manager to gain insight into your emissions. Compare locations and years, and focus on specific emission activities.

    The Carbon Manager helps you to gain a grip on your energy usage and provides insight into your reduction options.

  • Generate reports quickly

    Generate reports quickly and easily with the report module. Standard reports are available for your annual sustainability report or the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

    All reports comply to the available guidelines: ISO14064 (CO2) or ISO50001 (energy) and GRI-3/4 (sustainability).

  • Insight into energy usage and costs

    Monitor not only your CO2 emissions but also your energy usage and costs. Gain important input needed for an energy audit report regarding energy management. Track the progress of your energy target.

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